Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last Post in Togo: The Lists

For my last post in Togo, I figured why not end on a happy note as I’m sure my trip home will be a doozy. My site-mate Katy Todd and I worked on two lists before we left Dapaong: Things we’ll miss about Togo and things we’re looking forward to in the U.S. So if you notice that I smile over the little things, please don’t find me odd…just content to be home.

Things we’ll miss about Togo:

  • An excuse to repos/take a siesta
  • Drinking (tchakpa) in the morning
  • Kids excited to see you
  • The simple life
  • Muslim call to prayer
  • No one is afraid to break out in a dance no matter how bad he or she is and if you wiggle your butt a little it’s like you’re the coolest person in the room
  • Children yelling your local name from corn fields as you walk down streets
  • Motorcycle taxis
  • Relatively inexpensive means of transportation
  • Frequency of bars/buvettes (although I don’t think that’ll be a problem for me in NYC)
  • Togolese food—it really is quite good
  • Open air buses :)
  • Playing with stranger’s kids without asking—yep, it’s not creepy here

Things we’re looking forward to in the grand ‘ol USA:

  • Customer service
  • Using debit cards
  • Change of climate
  • Stores having change ($$)
  • Trying on clothes before buying them
  • Reliable menus
  • Varied meals—(If you make me pasta or rice within the first three weeks that I’m home, don’t be surprised if I sigh and/or shed a tear.)
  • Sleeping on a real bed and not a cot
  • Fixed prices
  • Having something to do other than eat and drink
  • Not sleeping under a mosquito net/applying insect repellant
  • Posted hours of operation
  • Monthly cell phone plans/no worry about buying phone credit
  • Reliable electricity
  • Reliable wifi
  • Anonymity/not having to say hi to everyone on the street
  • Cheese/milk/rice and almond milk

Well, there you have it. This soon-to-be Returned Peace Corps Volunteer is signing off of this African adventure and ready for the next adventure stateside.

Much love and perhaps I’ll see you soon,

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  1. So Sam, if you could have anything to eat in the first week when you're back, what would it be??